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What a crêpey night!

This week my roommate Julie guided me through an important rite in my pursuit of Frenchness. She taught me to make crêpes, those oh-so-French flat pancakes that are a staple of Parisian street life.

Turns out it’s pretty simple. You just need flour, eggs, milk, toppings to suit, and a bit of patience for the part where you have to take turns cooking and eating.

One trick is to put the eggs in a little valley so that you can mix them in very gradually.

Then, it's handy to have a friend pour in the milk very slowly until you just get the right runniness. The batter should be just one notch more solid than the milk is on its own.

To fulfill as many stereotypes as possible, you don a scarf and beret for the flipping part.

This combination of toppings was Julie's idea. Ham, tomatoes, creamy chèvre, and herbes de Provence. Mmm.

I didn't immediately master pouring the batter such that it resulted in pretty round crêpes. Mine came out looking something like jellyfish. (This picture is called Portrait of Crêpe as a Double Entendre.)

And now that I know how to make crêpes, I can come home and be all “Oh yeah, you know, I make fancy French meals all the time…”