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How would you like to have 75 new friends?

I’m curating a small project and you could be part of it.

As an English assistant here, my job description includes both language instruction and liaisons culturelles (cultural connection). My students are genuinely curious about the U.S., but it’s hard to fit much into the 45 minutes per week that I spend with them. I have a cute idea, but I’ll need some help: I think my students would really like to “receive” postcards from around the U.S. in the next few weeks.

Would you write one?

Here’s what I’m looking for: basic picture postcards from the city/state you live in with a few facts about the place on the back, written in very simple English. (President Obama is from Chicago. Atlanta hosted the Olympics in 1996. Washington, D.C., is the capital of the U.S. Florida has beautiful beaches. That kind of thing.)

The postcard will cost you about 25 cents and you’ll need a 98-cent international stamp from the post office, but it’ll only take you a few minutes and you’ll get 75 new little French friends in return—plus I will owe you a favor and you’ll be doing your part to create a good image of Americans abroad. (Regrettably, the world has not forgotten that we let Dubya into office.)

So do it? Pleeeease?

If you want in, comment below or e-mail me (emilyjoansmith, gmail) for the address. Repeats from the same city/state are fine.