About EJ

Like everyone else who graduated from small liberal arts colleges in 2009, I had no shot at making a living in the U.S., so I skipped town—in fact, I skipped the country. I’m spending the year in France, teaching English to little kids. I wouldn’t really say I’m making a living here, either, but I’m getting my fill of fantastic breads and fancy cheeses, using mon français, and doing my best to travel on an extremely limited budget.
“Plus personne n’avait faim, mais c’est cela justement qui est bon à l’heure des pâtisseries: elles ne sont appréciables dans toute leur subtilité que lorsque nous ne les mangeons pas pour apaiser la faim et que cette orgie de douceur sucrée ne comble pas un besoin primaire mais nappe notre palais de la bienveillance du monde.”
-Muriel Barbery, Une Gourmandise



2 responses to “About EJ

  1. So fun! Ok, I taught ESL too..and FLE..French as a Second Language. You know, there is an exchange program at the University of Angers with a small town in Oregon, called Ashland. Want to know more?
    Have a fantastic year in Angers! And my regards to le Roi René..

  2. Hi Christine,
    Thanks for reading! I’ve actually been to Ashland but I didn’t know about the exchange program. I would love to know more about it. Roi René says bonjour!

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