So long, Angers

Since I’ll be entertaining my parents tomorrow, this is essentially my last night in Angry Town. Among other things on a lengthy list of tasks to complete before they arrive in about 16 hours, I wrote “Blog about something.”

I was hoping to wax poetic about the past nine months: what I’ve learned, how this experience has changed me, how I’ve grown (other than my pastry belly, that is).

Predictably, I’m beginning to love Angers just in time to leave. Pathetically, none of my remaining friends are free to get a drink with me on my last night. And you know what? That pretty much sums up my experience here. Du coup I think it’s best not to do much soul-searching right now.

But I promise, promise, promise that this blog isn’t over yet. The next few days will be full of drinking Cointreau and staring out of windows*. At the very least, my impressions upon my return to the good old U.S. of A. should be very entertaining. I’m wonder what’s possible there that I’ve completely forgotten about? Stay tuned.

*10 points if you can name the reference.


One response to “So long, Angers

  1. I love your blog! (You definitely have a voice =) ) Thanks for the article, that was incredibly nice! Can’t wait to see what you post here or on your new blog. Email me if you start that one!

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