Life update

My parents arrive Friday.
Saturday, we leave Angers for a road trip around the lovely region of Bretagne, France.
June 8, I accompany them to London.
June 12, America.

I’m most looking forward to:
-Jeffrey Michael Stout
-Giant cups of coffee
-Hoppy beers
-A big fat Jucy Lucy
-My old bicycle
-Fantastic customer service

In the mean time, I’m trying to put the past nine months of my life into 2 bags of 23 kg. This challenge raises many questions, both practical and philosophical. How did I end up with 5 hair brushes? Did I really need three charismatic megafauna decorative pillows? (Yes.) Do I really need 15 bras for 2 breasts? But most importantly, how do I take home a liter of Cointreau?


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