Minuit à Paris

I’ve you been following me on here lately, you might get the impression that going to the cinema is basically all I do these days. You would be correct. I’ve been six times in two weeks.

Last night, I was particularly cultured and saw an Argentinian film (in Spanish with French subtitles) called La Mirada Invisible (The Invisible Eye). It was interesting and extremely tense—excellent direction and acting—but I can only recommend it if you have a personal interest in the film’s political context of 1982 Buenos Aires. Otherwise, the disturbing final scene is not worth your anguish. I had to watch an episode of Glee when I got home to shake my disturbed heebie jeebies, but the feeling lingered. Even today I felt disturbed until…

I saw My Favorite Movie So Far of 2011! The (albeit potentially temporary) award goes to…Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris.

I usually have mixed feelings about Woody Allen, but this one I loved from beginning to end. It’s as if he timed it just for me. Not only was it a pleasure watch a montage of scenery in Paris and think, check, been there this year, done that this year, seen that this year, but because I’m in the middle of Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast, which was wonderfully perfect for reasons I can’t explain without spoiling the entire movie. I will only say this much: Adrien Brody’s small role is magnifique.

It was released here in France last week. It opens in the U.S. on Friday, and I really hope that all of my readers stampede to the cinema that day. And when you see it, please note that the Rodin Museum guide is played by none other that the First Lady of France.


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