Le May Day français

May Day is a big thing in France. Church bells ring and labor unions march in the street—oh but wait, come to think of it, that’s like every other day in France.

The best part about May Day here is the sweet tradition of giving little sprays of Lily of the Valley to your loved ones as a good luck charm. Despite a rainy morning, women appeared out of nowhere to sell them on the street corners.

But by golly, they will disappear by tomorrow because in France, it is illegal to sell Lilies of the Valley without a special permit the other 364 days of year. If you want to grow them, go ahead, knock yourself out, but you’d better not sell them. I can think of no reasonable explanation for this law but the fact that these are these people are the congregants of the cult of Our Lady of Infinite Administration.

But no matter the reason, I celebrated by buying a wee spray just for you, my dear readers!

May your May be gay!


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