Christ is resuscitated!

In search of some good Easter fun, Caitlin and I went to mass this morning at the Cathedral of Angers. I’ve been in Europe nearly seven months, during which I’ve visited about a jillion cathedrals, yet it continues to boggle my mind how old everything is. All commentary on religion aside, it’s awe-inspiring to think that people attended Easter services in the very same place nearly a millenium ago.

Better yet, though, we were very entertained by the frequent proclamations that Christ is resuscitated. In addition to its standard medical purpose, the word apparently has a religious connotation in French.

I snapped a picture during the part where you eat the non-resuscitated body of Christ. I suppose it's tacky to take a picture during a service, but I wanted evidence that I attended a service in an ancient cathedral.

As in the U.S., Easter is all about sweets. For weeks, the stores have been full of chocolates shaped like animals including but not limited to bunnies, frogs, fish, and owls, and—in Paris, at least—safari animals. There have also been some especially lovely pastries on display lately, and today I got to eat one when I was invited for tea at a colleague’s house.

I ate up this little birdie's nest!

Happy resuscitation day, y’all!


One response to “Christ is resuscitated!

  1. I imagine that the body of Christ tastes better in France. The blood, too.

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