My last day of teaching — psych!

Tuesday was my last day of teaching [as far as I knew (foreshadowing)]. Ever the sentimental, I prepared about 100 PB&J’s and a speech about how my students would be missing to me.

When I arrived at school, I was treated to a cute overload. It was even better than a birthday, because it was completely unexpected. I received a stack of adorable homemade cards, a sack of Easter chocolates, and a French bistro cookbook.

These are the adorable cards I received.

Lisa wins the prize for cutest card, because she used the English I've taught her. (I should note that most of my students spelled my name in the French fashion.)

With just a few notable exceptions, such as the one I posted a few days ago, my students liked their PB&J’s. Weird experience: a classroom quiet but for the sound of French kids licking peanut butter off the roof of their mouths. I should have recorded a video, but at least I have pictures of their cuteness.

Fourth graders. Note the boy on the left. I wonder if he thought PB&J's were a licking sort of food?

More fourth graders, and another funny expression at center left.

My students wrote down my e-mail address and promised to write, and said lots of cute things like, “C’est nulle que tu partes!”

Oh but wait! I’m not parting after all! Not yet, at least. I got an e-mail yesterday with the news that a contract extension has magically opened up, so they’ll pay me to work for one more month. (Way to be on top of things, Académie de Nantes.)

Even better than another month of pay, this means that I’ll get two rounds of cute goodbyes!


One response to “My last day of teaching — psych!

  1. suzanne schmitt

    Wow, now that month is almost done. Can’t wait to see what you’ll be doing now. By the way, I never did get any cards from the kids!? I’ll live. At least I’ve seen now what they look like! And you got cards (maybe even twice), which is the important thing. I enjoyed them, vicariously….

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