I’ve been in job search mode for about a month now, writing cover letters and scanning job posts as much as I can stomach. When my most promising possibility turned me down, I was disappointed not only because I really wanted the job, but also because it doomed me to spend another month in Angry Town.

At this point, the only thing keeping me here is work. I applied to extend my contract for the month of May, which would be great because it would be another month of income, but that’s probably pas possible.

I was getting more and more depressed by the thought of a whole month in Angers with nothing to do when I had a revelation: I don’t have to stay in Angers if I don’t want to! I’ll be getting a paycheck at the end of April. I could get out of my apartment, and use the money to go wherever the hell I want. DUH!

So now, my mind is swimming with possibilities. Amsterdam? Berlin? The moon?

That’s where the (hopefully) small world of social networking comes in. My dear readers, do any of you happen to know anyone who has a room to rent (cheap) in May? Basically anywhere in Europe would be fine. I would also be content to exchange childcare or housework for a room in someone’s home. If that sounds like you or anyone you know, please contact me.

This all pends being free in May, which is actually still a second choice to getting hired in the U.S., so you’re also encouraged to contact me if you want to hire a razor-sharp go-getter with excessive creative energy.


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