Classy Broad turned Wiener, Part III: ‘ow do you solve a problem like Paree, eh?

10 Reasons Vienna is better than Paris:

  1. In Paris, hustlers try to sell you glow-in-the-dark Eiffel Towers. In Vienna, men dressed up as Mozart try to sell you concert tickets.
  2. Vienna isn’t full of Americans complaining at the top of their lungs.
  3. It is clean and orderly and doesn’t smell like urine.
  4. Metro cars are taller and wider, so you are never packed in them like stranger sardines.

    I also loved the icons that remind you to yield your seat, though is it just me, or are the men with no eyes creepy? I would leave my seat just to get away from them.

  5. The Metro tickets don’t stab your fingers, and you don’t even have to use them in the station because there are no turnstiles, so there’s no line to be help up by tourists who got their bag stuck.
  6. There’s a 36E fine for leaving dog poop, and Austrians obey laws, which means that…
  7. The streets are not full of dog merde.

    Another thing that n'existe pas en France.

  8. The buildings do not all look exactly alike.
  9. Museums are cheaper.
  10. Lederhosen.

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