Classy Broad turned Wiener, Part II: My Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things (about Vienna):

1. Realizing that German was indeed a language that people do indeed use to communicate. Previously, I was unconvinced, but now I want to learn it.
2. Lederhosen: surprisingly sexy.
3. Don’t tell France I said so, but the wines I tasted in Vienna were yummy.
4. They like to eat in solaria.

Exhibit A: Palmenhaus, a café where the greenhouse effect is exploited with elegance.

Exhibit B: solarium at The Glacis Beisl.

5. You see the word “Wiener” everywhere.
6. The city provides lounge chairs in park spaces where you are allowed to walk on the grass. Ca n’existe pas en France.

Wien leight gut apparently means "Vienna lounges well."

7. The Viennese support the newspaper industry, both fiscally and physically. Cafés offer newspaper stands, and each paper is placed in an ingenious wooden holder. (Yes, I do plan to steal this idea when I open Classy Broads Café.)

Poll: Do I look more French or Viennese?

8. The Viennese are fiercely proud of their history. More so than other places in Europe, I found myself constantly thinking of how much history had taken place there. (I suppose the horses helped.)
9.  It caters to tourists in the most classy manner I can imagine. I don’t know about you, but I don’t mind being bombarded with Mozart.

Classiest tourist trap I've ever seen. I like to call it the Op-poo-ra.

10.  I’m lucky enough to have friends there.

Macalester '09 mini-reunion!


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