Poisson d’avril!

In France, April 1st is “April Fish Day.” It consists of children drawing fish and spending the day chasing you around, trying to stick them on your back.

Personally, I think it lacks the clever salt-in-the-sugar-shakers,* fake ultrasound photos, fake plaster casts element of the concurrent anglophone holiday. Nonetheless, it was pretty adorable when all of my students chased each other around with cute little hand-drawn fish this morning.

To give the tradition a new twist, I drew an open-jawed Great White Shark and stuck it to my back before my second class today.

Clearly, it didn't stop them from April Fishing me.

The joke backfired. They thought someone had tricked me with the giant shark. A little deductive reasoning would have been useful—there was far too much tape for it to have been stuck there sneakily—but my students lack that skill, I’m afraid.

I thought this fish was adorably Seussical. I was surprised becuase the girl who made it is the type to ask, "Is this shade of pink allowed on the Valentine I was instructed to be creative upon?"

*I’m sure I will live to regret explaining this trick to some 4th and 5th graders. I apologize in advance to their parents.


One response to “Poisson d’avril!

  1. I am now more intrigued by the origins of the French version of what to do on April 1st than I am by the Anglo version.

    Also, this begs the question: Do the French do “Kick Me” signs?

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