Si on va au ciné?

Nearly half of the movies that play in French cinemas at any given time are in English. Sometimes they’re given French titles, which may or may not make sense. Sometimes they’re released with their original English titles. Another popular option, however, is to give the film a new English title. It’s especially amusing when I can’t figure out what the logic behind the re-naming process is.

For example:

It was explained to me that French people wouldn't understand the innuendo of the title "No Strings Attached," but the subtitle "Friendship has benefits" remains unchanged. In this case, I think they changed the name because of the unfortunate market assumption that French people won't go a movie unless there's a 100% chance of sex.

"Mean Girls" was retitled "Lolita Malgré Moi" ("Lolita Despite Me"). The new title is (a) nonsensical and (b) unnecessary. Everyone in France could figure out what "Mean Girls" means.

I found this phenomenon funny until I realized —uh DOY eee—that we do exactly the same thing in America. It can get confusing when you’re trying to find trailers to share with your friends on your online sounding board.

That brings me to the point of my post: to share with you the two movies I’ve seen this week. They were both fantastic, albeit for different reasons; they both have imminent U.S. release dates; they both have great labor politics; and best of all, they both feature strong female leads bringing men around to their cause.

The French title of the first one is Les Femmes du 6ème Étage”—”The Women on the Sixth Floor”—but it’s being released in the U.S. under the title Service Entrance.

I had a surprisingly hard time finding the second one online, because the English title is Made in Dagenham but the French release English title is We Want Sex Equality (again with the 100% chance of sex!)

[Correction: According to IMDB, this one was released in the U.S. last November. Look for it on DVD.]
My point is: run, don’t walk, to see both of them.


One response to “Si on va au ciné?

  1. those both look great!!

    also, SEX FRIENDS???? what?? hahahahaha

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