BIG news!

After our wonderful three-week vacation in Lovers’ La La Land, Mr. Jeffrey Stout proposed. And I said yes.

It was so over the top adorably romantic that if I’d seen the same thing in a movie, I would probably roll my eyes at it. Bear with me. You’ll squeal in delight.

Jeffrey knows me well enough to understand that I’m too much of a control freak to let someone else choose something that I’m going to wear every day for as long as we both shall live. Wisely, he decided to forgo the element of surprise by taking me ring shopping in the Marais neighborhood of Paris on the last day of our magical vacation. (Well, that and he needed me around to translate.)

If there’s anything better than strolling around my favorite part of Paris hand in hand with the most wonderful boy in the world, that thing is strolling around Paris hand in hand with the most wonderful boy in the world in search of an engagement ring. I tried on a few new fancy designer rings, but they all lacked personality.

After wandering around in lovers’ bliss for a few hours—can I tell you how grateful I am that Jef was happy to take a break from the task of shopping for an engagement ring to follow me into an exhibit about French Women’s Suffragism?—we found Our Ring in a lovely antique jewelry store. I got coffee nearby while Jef stepped out to “check on something.”

Later that evening, we walked from the Marais to the Eiffel Tower (in case you’re not familiar with Paris, that’s approximately very very far), getting distracted along the way by window displays, fountains and monuments, getting Jef’s first French McFlurry, and shopping for a lock (stay tuned).

Just as my feet felt like they couldn’t possibly take me any farther, the Eiffel Tower was above us. It’s gorgeous at night, lit up in a fashion appropriate for the City of Lights. Even late at night it’s crowded with tourists and with vendors carrying around hundreds of wee Eiffel Towers on keychains, but also with Parisians doing exactly as Jeffrey and I were, drinking wine and gazing up.

And suddenly, Jeffrey was down on one knee, saying all sorts of nice things about me and asking me to be his forever and ever.

And we sealed it with a kiss.

But wait! Our cuteness didn’t end there. After a celebratory dinner, we walked to the Pont des Arts. It’s a lovely pedestrian bridge with a great view of Paris made even lovelier with a charming tradition: lovers inscribe their initials onto a padlock, lock it to the bridge, and throw the key into the Seine. So we did just that.

It was hard to get a good picture at night, but I promise we scratched our logo into the lock. Yes, logo: (E)JMS2. That's the Eiffel Tower in the background.

And now I'm going to wear this every day forever and ever! (There are bits of actual butterfly wings inside that glimmer a gorgeous turquoise in the light.)


5 responses to “BIG news!

  1. Hey Emily — Congratulations to you both!

    Best wishes from the Holz family!

  2. Even though my eyes rolled so far back in my head that they got stuck in my skull and I am typing by feel–no easy feat after months of getting used to a french keyboqrd; But truly, even I did feel a squirm of cuteness. I wish you both the very best and promise to really try to come to whatever sort of gathering the two of you choose to have (that is if you even want anyone there).

    Anyway, I heard Glen Hansard do a cover of this Springsteen song in Dublin and it’s even cuter now when I think of you!

    Hoping we will meet again soon,
    Your darling daughter

  3. Fayçal BOUUUUZ

    Happy for U :)

  4. suzanne schmitt

    Congratulations!! I guess a long distance relationship CAN work. You were not sure when you left. Really delighted for you.

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