Fare well, fair welfare!

I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile, and now that I receive the rent reimbursement I am owed, I thought I might say something nice about a French administrative system for a change.

Yet another clear symbol of the differences between French and American politics: the welfare office I visit is on the nicest block in town. No joke. It’s located across a gorgeous pedestrian boulevard from a house that might as well be a castle and is probably almost as old.

This is the Caisse Allocations Familialles. (Or, in American terms, a Welfare/Section 8 office.)

And here is the castle across the street.

I’m fortunate enough never to have visited the Welfare office in the United States, but I’m confident in my assumption that it’s probably a lot like visiting the DMV, which is even worse than visiting the dentist or Purgatory. It’s definitely not on the same block as old mansions. (I know because I’ve lived on that block.)

In Angers, France, though, visiting the Welfare office is literally a walk in the park! (…until they demand paperwork.)


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