Damnsterdam! (Cont’d.)

I ended up, as I often do, with too few classic tourist pictures and too many pictures of things I liked and/or found amusing. I figured I should share.

Things that Amused Me in Amsterdam

Babies for rent? (Actually kind of a good idea. Get a baby, give it back when it poops.)

Absinthe delivered by bike? Only in Amsterdam...

This place was ridiculous! A fast food joint that's essentially a long row of vending machines. You put your change in the window corresponding to the item you desire. (I realized that part of why I found it funny was that I thought it was called "FEED" until I realize it was "FEBO.")

I was mesmerized that you can buy your contact lenses over the counter!

Among all the other cobblestones in the Red Light District...

'nuff said.

This was a salon where you can stick your foot in a bowl full of fish. I suppose it's a secret to eternal youth or something.

Truer words have never been spoken.


2 responses to “Damnsterdam! (Cont’d.)

  1. I’ve heard of the fish thing. I think it’s Greek. Something about how the fish eat the old skin, leaving a fresh and rejuvenated layer that radiates beauty.

    No matter how vain I am, I’m not gonna let fish nibble at me. At least, not if I’m paying for it.

  2. I took a picture of that hand-grabbing-boob thing too! It was by that church in the red light district, right?

    PS I tried to go to the PIC and it was closed. I wish I’d gone with you that day even though I was a zombie. Oh well, excuse for another trip some day!

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