Moroccan Around the Christmas Tree, Pt. II: Meknès

An easy hop away from Fez is a smaller town called Meknès. Bouz goes there every day to study plants, so Nina and I tagged along one day and showed ourselves around while Bouz locked himself in a lab.

Something I love to do when I’m in a new place is just to start walking and see what happens. This usually results in me being completely lost, but in Meknes, it worked out really well. Nina and I wandered far around a tourist-free part of town where we were greeted with lots of smiles from precious little Moroccan babies.

This is what Meknes looked like.

Lunch: beef tagine and veggie couscous.

The old section of Moroccan cities are walled-in. This was a particularly wall-y section of Moroccan wall.

We stopped for a snack on a gorgeous terrace.

A cup of tea with a view!

This is what we had for a snack: oranges sprinkled with a bit of sugar and lots of cinnamon. You should go make that for yourself right now.

Non-muslims can't enter the mosques, but we were able to see the gorgeous architecture in the mausoleum.

It's my new favorite hobby to visit open air markets to take pictures of disgusting pieces of dead animals.

The other cool thing about Meknes was that there was a big square where I saw my first snake charmer. I hate snakes; I was just excited that they’re a real thing.

Next time on Classy Broad Abroad: glamor shots of Fez.


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