Classy broad heading further abroad

I was hoping to post pictures of Christmas in Angers before leaving this evening, but of course the ‘net connection isn’t cooperating. Shucks. It’ll have to wait until after Christmas because…in one hour and five minutes, I’m departing for Morocco!

That’s right, readers, I’m going back to Africa! (Albeit an entirely different region.) I figure I won’t feel homesick for Christmas if I go to a place that has no Christmas and I’ve always wanted to go to Morocco, so there’s no better time than the present! I’ll be spending a few days in Fez, then a few days in Marrakech. And of course I will tell you all about it so that you may live vicariously through my adventures.

I probably won’t be in touch while I’m there, though, so here’s wishing you all happy, safe, wonderful non-denominational holidays.


One response to “Classy broad heading further abroad

  1. Have an amazing time in Morocco! I’m very jealous! I know I’ve been bad about writing, but I just wanted to say I immensely enjoy reading your blog :) I’ll try to drop you an email/Xmas card update when I’m off next week!


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