The tramgay

The whole time I’ve been here, Angers has been a big mess of a construction site. They’re installing a tramway—or, as I will be calling it, a tramgay!

The Christmas market is in full swing, with carols drifting from speakers all over the city, so I already felt like I was in a Christmas musical. Add a brand new tramway painted in a rainbow flag—how could I NOT belt out, “Clang clang clang goes the trolley! Ding ding ding goes the bell! Thump thump thump went my heartbeat!…”

But the trouble with Angers, as I’ve lamented many times, is that no one else is as publicly eccentric as I am. Sadly, no one else joined in. So much for living in a musical.


2 responses to “The tramgay

  1. I will be happy to sing all manner of musical ditties– including several from Meet Me in St. Louis if you so choose– when we’re in Morocco. It seems like a good place for belting out show tunes, no?

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