Chez McDo.

French McDonald’s is all wrong. And by “all wrong,” I suppose I really mean, “alright.”

I came for the WiFi because I wanted to pirate all the American shows that I can’t watch here–but French internet won’t let me access torrent sites. How dare it prevent me from breaking copyright laws like that?!!?!

I decided to get a McFlurry because that’s what everyone here is eating, so I figured they must be magically delicious. But what I was given is a sundae, but the cup says “Flurr’it yourself” so I think maybe I was supposed to flurr it myself? Je ne comprends pas. It is tasty, though. There are hazelnuts in it, which I find quite classy.

Here’s the funny part: it’s so small! No wonder the French stay thin. You’d have to buy 8USD/worth of McFlurry to get as many calories as you get in a standard American McFlurry.


But that’s not even the craziest part. Get this:  there’s a pastry counter in here! What I want to know is, if you’re in France, why would you ever buy your pastries at McDonald’s? There are at least a dozen patisseries on this boulevard alone.

The one thing I really really like about it here is that an Egg McMuffin is called a Croque McDo! It’s adorable.

Oh, and there’s something on the menu called a Chicken Shake, but I decided not to find out what it is…


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